Timber cruck frame Auckland

Timber cruck frame home in the central Auckland suburbs. The curved cruck frame may be formed out of local pohutukawa sawn from a single trunk to make matching pairs. The house will have double stud walls insulated with expanded perlite.

Cruck frame buildings were some of the earliest timber structures made by Europeans. In the UK and Ireland the crucks were traditionally formed from curved oak. They were very strong but were rarely used after the 18th century due to the advent of ‘box’ framing technology which required shorter timbers and often provided more headroom.

This is a two house development on a typical suburban section. Car parking for both houses is to the front of the property. This allows for generous outdoor areas front and rear as a large part of the section is not reserved for car manoeuvring as is typically the case.

A ‘latilla’ inspired ceiling with diagonal sarking and battens is to be used. ‘Latillas’ are small diameter sticks or branches often laid diagonally over ‘vigas’ (round roof beams/ poles) in traditional pueblo style construction.

To keep costs down the building is to be clad in ‘corrugated iron’ inspired by the traditional kiwi wool shed. This is about the cheapest conventional cladding available and it is part of our local building tradition.