Internal adobe veneer Silverdale, Auckland

Internal adobe veneer home on the rural outskirts of Auckland. The home was designed by Graeme North about 8 years ago, and we are now developing the concept into construction documentation.

The design is based on passive solar principles. It faces north with roof overhangs that allow the low winter sun to enter, but not the high summer sun. Clerestory glazing has been incorporated to further draw sun into the building, to heat the internal mass walls and floor, and provide passive ventilation.

Generous verandahs and a pergola wrap the building, and will be framed in untreated, oiled cypress. The internal adobe veneer walls will be bagged with a clay plaster, and other timber walls will have earthen plasters applied over a lath.

Timber cladding will wrap the facade and will consist of local oiled cypress.

Joinery will have high quality, European style ‘turn and tilt’ mechanisms, and will be made from cedar.

The house will be heated by a wood burning stove with wetback for the hot water.

Surrounded by regenerating native bush, the section is an oasis on the outskirts of the city.

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