Hempcrete, Coromandel

Owner built hempcrete home in the Coromandel. The hempcrete will be lime rendered externally with a beautiful lime wash finish to the protected areas beneath the verandahs. The exposed areas will be clad in site milled Japanese cedar - possibly with a burnt and oiled finish.

Hardwood utility poles will hold up the verandah and deck structure and climbing plants will be trained along them.

Site milled red gum will be used for the suspended timber floor and ‘stopdigging' screw piles will provide the sub-floor structure.

Two Inglenook fires will be incorporated into the design and heavy timber beams and lintels will be left exposed. The hempcrete walls will be finished internally with earthen plasters using site sourced clay and other areas will be left raw with a vapour permeable, water glass clear finish to control dusting.

A standing seam metal roof will cover the building and clerestory glazing will let Northern light penetrate deep into the interior.

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